Thursday, May 13, 2010

2 Gyros From a Priest

Every year, I get so excited for our city's Greekfest -- The food! The energy! The dancing people and those accents and big personalities.. Opaaa! I've been pumped for this weekend to come, prepping myself to wait in long lines for the yummiest gyros and fries.. baklava and overpriced drinks. It's all worth it. It started today and runs through Sunday; However! The weather for this weekend is supposed to be pretty stormy. Whatta bummer! During my emotional session I had with my client all afternoon, I was thinking how fun it would be to go inhale a gyro and walk around with Justin.. especially if there's a chance we might not get to go tomorrow (like we've been planning) if it rains.

I ended up going with my friend Michelle. We drove around a little before finding a prime spot, which I was proud to parallel-parked with much success. As we walked in, we noticed no one was manning the entrance and there weren't many people inside. We just looked at eachother and shrugged, assuming Thursday was probably less busy or something. We both began looking around and noticed that nothing was open or running.. No food, no drinks.. nothing. A few people were walking around and off in the distance I saw the GYRO TENT with 4 people in line. Michelle and I couldn't figure out if Greekfest was just starting for the night, or closing for the night.. It was only 8 o'clock! I remember other years, it was booming and people everywhere late! Nothing made sense.

Michelle says, "Well you can get your gyro!!" So we shuffled our way into the little gyro line and confusingly began to watch the greek, gyro-making workers talk big to a priest who was standing to the side of me. All of the gyro-maker guys in the tent were greek and kept shouting out things and throwing their hands in the air.. A few times, I thought they said "We're out! Oaa!" and the priest was talking about gyros, and the gyro guys were talking about gyros, and then they handed the priest 2 gyros in a bag. It was kind of like watching an SNL skit.. Oh, it was all so very confusing. Michelle and I kept looking at eachother, back at the priest, then at the greek gyro-makers talking big, hands in the air, "Opaa!". With the priest still standing there, the gyro-making man looks at me and says, "Whattya need?" I asked him if they were just opening or closing.. and told him I really wanted a gyro. The gyro man looks at me and says, "All gone." and points to the priest who stood there innocently holding the last two gyros of the night. All I could think, is "oh dear priest, please don't give me those gyros.. I will feel so guilty!" What does the gyro priest do? Of course he insisted I take the gyros he just got.. the last two gyros of the night. I kept telling him no, but he kept insisting. Oh. My word. I took 2 gyros from a priest.

I honestly felt so bad.. I paid the greek gyro-making men and they kept assuring me that the little priest will get gyros every night this weekend.. but how could I have deprived him of his gyros for tonight!? Maybe I can go back tomorrow, even if it rains and track down the priest and give him a little "thank you" card. Oh man.


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  1. Aww, that is so sweet of him. :) I've lived here since I was in the 8th grade and have never made it to a Greek Festival yet. We're going tonight and I'm so excited! :)


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