Monday, May 31, 2010

3 Old Friends, Together Again

It's not very often that I have friends or family from the good ol' Midwest come all the way to SC to visit me. When I found out that my old college roomies/dear friends/bridesmaids, Jade & Mulder (Ashley, but we all call her by her maiden, last name), were talking about coming down to visit, I about did a backflip. Yaay! Friends!!! It was so exciting to count down the days for them to arrive, and now their visit has come and gone. I miss my friends already..

Back in 2004 - An "eventful" Spring Break in Galveston, TX

They flew in on Friday and we spent the day doing some shopping and relaxing. We made yummy, home-made pizzas and watched a part of The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus. Ya know.. the movie Heath Ledger was making before he died (also with Johnny Depp, Colin Farrell and Jude Law). What a trippy movie! (I ended up watching it again before returning it, and like it way better the second time). Anyways, Justin left for the weekend as well, to go visit his brother (Levi) up in VA, so we had the place all to ourselves like the good old days!

Saturday, it was pretty overcast so laying by the pool was a no-go. We decided to head Downtown Greenville for lunch at The Lazy Goat and walk around a Reedy. I was excited to take them there because I love The Goat! I didn't realize that going for lunch would mean a different menu (we've only been for dinner), and so it was a bummer I couldn't introduce them to some of my favorite things there. Oh well. Despite how hot it was, we sat outside to catch any sun we could. I felt a tiny bit bad for our bumbly waiter, cuz I think it was one of his first days, but he really had NO clue what he was doing. We could barely hear him, as he whispered the lunch specials to us. Another bummer, as I had been saying such great things about this place. Long story short, our newbie waiter was completely clueless about everything and poor Mulder's order was messed up (twice). After lunch, we stopped by Spill the Beans for some drinks, and walked around some more. It was so nice to bum around town with my friends - something I never get to do.

After we got back home, we relaxed a little and layed by the pool before getting ready for dinner and Sex and the City 2. Jade was on a mission to get there atleast 1 hour early, assuming there would be masses of women and people waiting to get in. We planned everything accordingly... We picked up our tickets early and headed to PF Chang's before heading back for the movie. Dinner was delish, and we made our way back to the theater to get in the big, long line.

I gotta say, it was pretty funny to give Jade a hard time for rushing to get there.. There was no line before us or after us, as we waited for the showtime before ours to finish. Crowds are totally different in the Twin Cities.. Oh well, we had a good laugh!

Jade, fighting the big crowds and long lines
Shortly after we settled into our seats, a group of older women came to sit in front of us and they reaked like liquor.. Halfway through the movie, Mulder and I giggled that the woman in front of her was totally passed out.. Wow.

Waiting for the movie to start

Sunday, we relaxed, watched Friends until the clouds went away, layed by the pool, went shopping and had dinner at Copper River Grill.

After dinner, we drank wine and played card games. Of course, Mulder warned me she'd whoop my butt in Memory, and she sure did! Real goood.. Reeeal good now.

Theeerrre it is.

Jade sure LOVED Romeo!
It was really wonderful to catch up with my friends and it felt like no time had really passed since I moved down here. It stinks that the few times I make it up to MN for a visit, I barely get a couple hours to see old friends or catch up. Not to mention, we all really needed this weekend for a little vacation together. Oh, Jader and Mulder.. Come back soon??


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