Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Peach Milkshake Massacre

It was 84 degrees today.. Pretty schweaty hot. On my way home from what felt like world's-longest day of work, I decided to stop at Chick-fil-A to get Justin our favorite peach milkshake (assuming I could have a little of it before I got it home, of course.). As I pulled into Chick-fil-A, I even got a little giddy because their peach milkshakes are simply the best. Augh, I don't know what it is about them.. Maybe because they only have them for a "limited time", or maybe because I would have one everyday if it wouldn't make me sick.. Either way, it's like summer in a straw.

So I pulled up to the drive-thru and ordered, and whattya know?? The guy asked if I wanted a free shake, since they were doing a buy-one-get-one thing for some reason. Suhweeet!! Things like that are not occurrances I'm used to, so you can imagine was pretty pumped. All because of a silly milkshake. I squeeled into the speaker, "yyeahh, baby!" and pulled ahead.

I swear, all because of that one free shake, my world had turned brighter, my music seemed clearer and I'm sure I could hear birds singing my name. What in the world is wrong with me? I paid the window-lady, and before she handed me the two shakes, I quickly made room in my cupholders. Window-lady asked if I wanted one of those 4-cup holder tray things, and I just said, "No thanks! I made room! (I might have even clapped a few times, in excitement.. Just kidding.). She handed me the shakes and I tried squeezing them into the holders. Of course they both didn't fit nice and simple (Thank you, Acura for my insufficient cupholders on a glorious day as this!). Before I could tell window-lady that I guess I did want a 4-cup holder thing, I notice the guy behind me was revving his engine and inching forward like I was committing crime if I didn't get a move on. No worries... As gracefully as I could, with a shake in each hand, I moved forward.. steering with my elbow and shifting at the same time.

What happened next was either the result of : I was doing a circus act in order to prevent an angry situation with rev-engine man behind me, or the lid on peach milkshake #1 wasn't on all the way. Obviously when they fill those shakes, they fill them to the brim.. then fill the lid with whipped cream.. then cherries. All in slow-motion.. I saw the crack between the lid and the cup, I dont know exactly how to describe the erruption of peach milkshake and chaos that began at that very second. I remember the strangest sound coming out of me - a sort of cry for help and desperation - at the same time acknowleging that the shake meant business and the overflow was NOT gonna stop. Oh yes. A pool of milkshake all over my car, between my seats, all over my shifter and all over my arms and hands.. I quick set the overflowing shake on the passenger side of the floor while trying to inch forward even more so rev-engine guy wouldn't beat me up. As I carefully rolled forward, peach milkshake #2 flipped out of its cupholder and began rolling unreachably, all over the floor, pouring shake and peaches and cherries strategically all over the carpet that hadn't been touched yet (are you kidding me right now?!). I think I just looked at the shake massacre that had just happened and literally had no thoughts or words.

Ok. I sat there dumbfounded, just staring as it continued to explode everywhere, and I remember thinking, DO SOMETHING! So, I yanked my e-brake and flew out the door to the other side of the car, so I could stop the madness. Of course, my passanger door was locked, so as the shake continued to roll around, exploding on the carpet, I am now laughing out loud as I ran back to the driver's side to unlock the passenger door. Auughh!!!!! By now, anyone inside Chick-fil-A or anyone sitting in the drive-thru must be watching this insanity, as I appeared to be running a chinese-fire drill around my car - arms and hands flailing - covered in my glorious, peach milkshakes. I got exploding milkshake #1 OUT of the car, like it was a bomb ready to go off. I began to frantically look for napkins, thinking mayyybe I could redeem rolling milkshake #2. My gosh. I found a 1/2 a napkin and it was worthless.

I finally went back into Chick-fil-A to find wet wipes or something to clean the annihilation... And better, the girl offered to let me use a wet rag to clean up what I needed to. They even gave me another milkshake (which I thought was pretty nice, seeing as one of mine was free and all..). 15 minutes later, my car was halfway sticky/halfway back to normal, and you better believe I went back inside to get a dang 4-cup holder thing before trying my FAIL cupholders again. Good grief. Spills always seem to happen in slow motion.. In this case, cups were flipping, peaches and cherries spraying everywhere and it was raining milkshake.

So, Justin was pretty excited when I made it home with a little surprise for him. Plus, I gladly finished what was left of my milkshake..after all I just went through for it. I told him the story, and we had a good laugh. So typical.

I'd like to say "I can't believe that happened!" but I can totally believe it.. A free milkshake for me, I guess is never free!



  1. LOL!!!! I am so sorry this happened to you, but I was thoroughly entertained reading about your peach milkshake massacre. Hilarious!

  2. Oh my goodness.. what an insane experience!! haha!!!

  3. I have had FOUR, yes FOUR, of the last FOUR milkshakes I bought from Chic-Fil-A spill/explode similarly. I have never had any problems elsewhere with milkshakes. It pisses me off paying for a milkshake, getting home, and as soon as I pick it up out of the car it spills everywhere. I even complained on time #3, recommending cup redesign, but of course they acted like I was an idiot and told me I was supposed to hold the cup a certain way. Pfft. The cups need to be MUCH stronger to hold all that WEIGHT from the thick milkshakes. Even on their own web site they have a story about a lady whose shake spilled similarly at the store, and they gave her a new one (which she raved about).

    Heck, in case #1 the bottom just fell straight out of the darn thing! In the other cases the sides cracked as I lifted it out of the car. Hard to grip from the bottom when it is in a cup holder ya know.


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