Sunday, May 16, 2010

It's My Own Fault, I'm Phoneless

How in the world did I get by without a cell phone in high school? I don't even know how I made it through most of my freshmen year with only borrowing my mom's phone - and I only wanted it just to feel cool (Thanks again, Mom!). Obviously back then, phones were not what they are now - Not only were they big and clunky, with black & white screens (remember Nokia? Everyone had those stinkin' things!!) but of course they didn't have the convenient features like we have today, like internet, texting, apps, etc. They were purely just to make calls. I never realize how much I rely on my cell phone until I don't have it.

Yesterday afternoon, I was cleaning up, doing laundry, and trying to get things done around the house before hanging out with friends for the evening. Of course my Blackberry never leaves my side. Never. I was texting while doing dishes yesterday when it happened. I dropped my innocent, precious Berry in a pot of soaking, bubbly water. Did that just happen?! I screamed and grabbed it out, but it was too late. I just stood there, with a lifeless phone, with the screen filled with water, knowing fullwell that it wasn't going the work again. How could I have been so careless?! Poor little phone did everything I needed her for.. helped me navigate, took pictures and vids, checked my facebook and delivered my emails to my fingertips. I have been air-drying her all of last night and today and she's dunzo. I can't believe after all these years of near phone-death experiences and times of almost dropping it in the in the toilet (I have heard of so many friends doing that!) I have somehow managed to keep from drowning my phone until now. Augh. My friend, Misty, told me the craziest story about a time she had knocked her phone off her bed and it just happened to land in a cup of tea. WHAT are the chances of something like that happening?!

To go through to process of getting a new phone is a nightmare. It's almost pointless that we're paying for insurance, because the deductable is $100.00 for a replacement - and in my luck, it would be a refurbished one with problems. The other downer, is my blackberry was already a year old, so replacing my year-old model with the same model isn't exactly exciting. When I found out how much I'd have to pay to replace it, I wanted to think about it, seeing as Justin and I both got our Blackberries for FREE with even bigger rebates (so we actually made made money on them!). We decided to go into the Sprint store to talk to a person and check if there were any other options before going with the insurance replacement. Either way, I'm dying without my Berry. I need a phone asap for my job as well.

After waiting in line forever at the store, I found some pretty sweet news. It was actually a good thing I dropped my phone in a pot full of soapy water, otherwise I would have never known I was eligible for an upgrade. I have to bear the rest of this month with my old phone and June 1st, I will be able to upgrade to the newest blackberry for free! I'm really glad I didn't just pay the insurance lady on the phone, thinking I had no other choice. Although it's a pretty crummy situation being phoneless for right now, hopefully it will all go smooth come June 1st!



  1. dude - it's probably too late now, but for future reference. if you drop your phone in water, you are supposed to put it in a bucket/bag of rice for a couple days and that takes the moisture out of the phone and then it works again. it couldn't hurt to try if it ever happens again!

  2. Oh my gosh! I have never heard of that little trick.. That's sucha great idea!!! I'll remember that.. Thaanks, buddy!

    You should start blogging again! I had no idea you had one :)

  3. wow, bummer.
    Maybe that's why you have rejected me and not answered my calls...

    haha, jk. anyway, sorry about your phone friend. I am really super happy that you are able to get the upgrade though!

    This is kinda a side note, but you put something about going to talk to Sprint...I thought you had verizon? Anyway, cya soon kiddo.


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