Saturday, January 9, 2010

Blue People, Rude People & Screaming Babies.

Since starting this blog (thank you, again Stacie!) I am constantly finding myself rejoicing when a ridonkulous "Did that just happen?!" moment happens to me [or Justin and me] because it gives me something fabulous to blog about! Of course - at the time - my blog isn't the first thing on my mind.. Like when a psycho man is beating on my car, or my HR lady is offering me a personal loan from her mom's estate earnings.. No.. I think about it after a little time has passed, and I am to the point where I am actually laughing about just how ridiculous of whatever just happened, and I have reached the point where I am excited to be able document it on this fancy lil' thing called the internet. Hmm..

So, wanna hear about my night? A few months ago, Justin and I were at the movies and saw a trailer for Avatar. After the preview, Justin and I looked at eachother and I'm laughing and Justin just smiled. Later when we talked about it, he said he thought it might be cheesy, but might be kinda cool to see in 3D. Well. The more I thought about it, the more I agreed. Tonight, we had made plans to meet up with some friends to give Avatar a chance. Plus, I heard it made over $70 million opening weekend. I guess it would be worth seeing!

[James Cameron's Avatar - Source]

So we plan to meet our friends at the theater a little before it starts, but I didn't expect the theater to pack out since the movie has been out for almost a month now. I guess I forgot it was Friday night. The plan was to get the tickets and text the others when we got there, so we could meet up and get seats. As we were pulling into the parking lot, I realize I forgot my cell. I ask Justin, "You have you're phone, right?"... "No, you have yours?".. Great. Neither of us grabbed our phones. I'm like, "What are we gonna do?? How will we find them??" And he says, "Well, what did we do before technology? We'll find them. Don't worry."

So he drops me off. I get the tickets. He meets me inside. No friends to be found. Hmm. We decide to hurry to the theater to check there, because the movie was starting soon and we didn't know how packed it would be. We get in there and holy jerome, it's full. We look for a minute, thinking they might already have seats.. Nothin'. We look a minute more and magically find 4 seats, together and I quickly throw my purse down and Justin says he will save them, while I go old-school and run back out to the lobby, since we had to forget our phones. As I come back, friendless, an older, bearded man and woman (possibly with a beard too) are taking their coats off and sitting in our seats. Uhh.. I kindly say, "Oooh, I'm sorry! Our friends are sitting here [smile]! As the big-beardo man plops down, the masculine woman holds her coat high above her head and shouts loud, in a thick-as-moldy-cheddar-cheese voice, "I don't see any uh yer friends HEEYA!!" and SLAMS her coat down in our seat and plops her body down on top of it with a "HMMPF!" sound. Whhhhhhaaaatttt?!! Is this woman 4 years old?? I'm looking at Justin, who is now holding my purse that this psycho woman clearly plowed out of her path of destruction.. and he's speechless as well! I stood there, dumbfounded as usual, when these things happen, and I couldn't help but start to laugh right at her! I could not hold the laughing in! I couldn't! -- partly because of her accent, partly because of her half-wit attitude and mostly because of how ridiculously immature this woman was! Publically humiliating herself in front of a jam-packed theater of people as they watch her flailing about? She should be ashamed of herself! Ohhh, why couldn't some of our friends had just been there to witness this moment for a change? Turns out, the movie was sold out, and we already had our tickets and our seats by that point. Bum deal.

So, big-beardo husband and little-beard accent lady were past my thoughts once the movie began. This was my (and Justin's) FIRST 3D movie, and we were pumped! Luckily a single guy came in and squeezed between Justin and little-beard lady so he didn't have to put up with her during the movie. Indstead, we - along with a theater full of 300 people - enjoyed listening to babies crying. Oh yes. The whole movie. Crying.. talking.. shouting.. screaming.. crying some more.. Ohh I adore babies and children and little ones and kids.. Oh I LOVE them! Children are my job! I have a passion for kids! I absolutely LOVE them. Just NOT out of control in movie theaters. Uh-uh. I am so sorry, mom and/or dad with baby, please don't bring your child to a theater. And if you do, thinking your baby will not make a peep, you're crazy! It's not fair to your kid! Your baby SHOULD make sounds! Not to mention.. Who in their right mind brings an infant to a 3D, epic blockbuster, sold-out movie, packed with military fighting and battle scenes?? The mom or dad (of course, were sitting in the row behind us) waited until a good 20 minutes of crying went on before one of them got up and stood at the foot of the stairs. Um, is that helping? No.. you are still in the theater, your child is still screaming, and you are still ruining this $13.00/ticket movie for every person here. These parents need counseling (or just a babysitter for one evening out!). I think one of them stepped out at some point when the baby wouldn't stop screaming. Why even stay and continue trying to watch a movie that you don't even know what's going on anymore? I think they took turns at some point - back and forth, crying and shuffling in the row behind us, crying at the foot of the theater stairs and nothing I can do about it. So why do I keep complaining about it in my blog? I guess because I find it so amusing that these sweet little stories continue to happen and I continue to learn patience. I'm trying really hard to complain LESS, actually. So, forgive me? Still a pretty good story, and I'm pretty sure you can relate. All I can really do, is just laugh!

One thing that was pretty comical, during our whole movie-goin' experience, was this: The 3 or 4 times I leaned over to Justin to whisper a question or tell him that the little, blue avatar kids reminded me of Romeo (most little creatures in movies do..), our 3D glasses kept clunking like two plastic, toy cars in a head-on collision! Oh my word! Of course, we get the giggles, but successfully maintained peace and quiet before raising the bearded beasts who momentarily sat a seat away from us in their 3D trance.

I am really glad bearded lady didn't kill the screaming baby.

Moral of the story? Go see Avatar. See it during the day when it's not packed out, and see it 3D!

[3D glasses are way cooler now that they aren't made of paper!]

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