Sunday, January 24, 2010

Romeo's First Birthday!

Today, we celebrated our puppy/son Romeo's first birthday! Yay!! It's a little bit more exciting for us, I'm sure, because we don't have children yet. So therefore, we call Romeo our "son" and we spoil him rotten. To celebrate his special day, we fought the rainy afternoon and headed downtown Greenville, to the Barkery Bistro! We had never been there before, but friends of ours told us it was a fun place to go for special puppy stuff and cute birthday treats. Before heading inside, we had Romeo do his "business", of course, and we proceeded to enter the cute, little shop. We were in there for maybe 3 minutes before Romeo had his first "accident". Maybe marking his territory? Whatevs, it was just a little "number one", the man laughed it off and we didn't feel so bad - as I'm sure there are accidents there all the time! We looked around some more, a few minutes go by, and.. Oh, what's that we smell? Dog dookie? Yep. Romeo decided to do some REAL business. Now I'm embarassed. I cleaned it up and apologized a million times on our pup's behalf. Not even a minute goes by, before Romeo decideds to tinkle for his 3rd "accident" within a 10 minute block of time. C'mon, Rome! At that point, we were pretty embarassed. We didn't know what his beef was, because he is fully trained and by far, the smartest dog I have ever met. Justin took him outside and I finished the shopping as quickly as I could. Romeo, oh Romeo.. Naughty little birthday boy!

[Just 1 Year Old!]

I found the cutest little things, including a special "birthday bone" that even has a little spot for a candle, a new little toy, and some cute little treats. I don't know why I get so much joy out of pampering my puppy.. Maybe because he fills me with so much joy and happiness, that spending a couple bucks on a cute little outfit or a new bone (covered in sprinkles) is nothin!

[Happy Birthday, little boy!]

[I love how he is totally smiling in this photo!]

[Little sprinkle-covered cupcakes!]

[EVERY time I look at this photo, I crack up! He looks so guilty! He was just playing with his new toy..]

[All tuckered out, while we watched the Vikings game]

Happy Birthday, my little love dooley!


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