Friday, January 22, 2010

Coco No Gogo!

It was so hard watching our beloved buddy, Conan O'Brien, say 'goodbye' during his final Tonight Show. Augh. Still wiping my tears away..

We all know the big ridiculous, stupid NBC scandal.. Ugh. I really won't be watching Leno. Never did, and I sure won't be after all of this. NBC, get Leno outta here! Give us back The Conando!


Conan did give a pretty moving speech to complete his short 7 months as the host of The Tonight Show, and I did cry like a baby. I think his final words were really meaningful and sweet. He doesn't seem bitter toward NBC (though I am!) and he made a good point reminding his fans to avoid being "cynical". To mourn the ending of his show, I decided to make our favorite - Mint Bars. Only, with a special Conanly touch, I dyed the mint frosting orange (instead of green) to honor his notorious hair.

Some things I'll miss the most: Conan's famous string dance, Twitter Tracker, The Year 2000/3000, Conando, and that crazy hair..

I will forever be TEAM COCO!! We love you, long-legged buddy!


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  1. I love Conan. I can't always stay up to watch it, but I love him! We're so sad that he's gone too, but hopefully, he'll have a new show soon. I guess he can't have one for at least seven months...but there's talk of him going to Fox?


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