Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Bottle Rockets, Belchers and a Bonfire

This year for the 4th of July, Justin and I planned to go to Charleston for the weekend. We had never been there for the 4th so we were pretty excited! Unfortunately, plans changed (as they often do) and we ended up staying in Greenville. Justin had talked about how fun it would be to head up Paris Mountain to a "secret spot" that overlooks the city.

I love my Lil' Firecracker!
Paris, Here We Come!
We assumed there was a chance that other people knew about the spot, and it might not be totally quiet and secluded. After figuring out how to get to the "secret spot", we stopped for some Jimmy John's and began our little adventure.

So.. Turns out we were right. There were a bunch of people crammed up at the perfect overlook. Most were obnixious, older, drunk people who would not stop shooting off the world's loudest bottle rockets. Eugh. Justin and I kissed our quiet, romantic evening 'goodbye' and ate our Jimmy John's on the hood of the car while trying to enjoy the view that was constantly interrupted by idiots. Typ-i-cal.

Sweet view of Downtown Greenville..
Out of control Rocket-Launchers
Not only did these people scream and do jumping-jacks during every single rocket they shot off, but this one woman almost killed us all after lighting a rocket and throwing it - ?! What was she thinking?? The rocket could've exploded on her, her idiot posse, on us, or even on a different group - the belching men, who stood just a few feet away. Augh. I felt like I was being punk'd. What is wrong with these people?! Justin and I tried to ignore all of the ridiculous things going on, but it was too much. Between the half-wit bottle-rocket-shooters who probably should not have access to the use of fireworks, the akward, overly-decked out people who had just come from night church and shuffled around amongts all of the danger or the belchers who would rip 'em for 20 seconds at a time and then compare who's was longer.. Drunks, alcohol, fireworks and a cliff -- We were outtie.

Thank goodness we had some other plans to look forward to.. Justin's brothers (Caleb & Micah) were having a few people over for a bonfire. Yes! We agreed to go back up to the spot another night when idiots were not running loose. We made it back down the mountain a while before sunset and ended up having a blast at the bonfire. It was sucha fun night.. One of the best 4th's I've ever had!

Valerie & Micah
We Roasted Hot Dogs and S'mores!
Mel, Handing Out Sparklers!


I'm listening to: Rooney - I Don't Wanna Lose You

[Last 2 photos by Micah!]

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