Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Myyy Sandwich?!

Thanks to my dear friend, Marta.. I LOVE FRIENDS. She is the biggest, true Friends superfan I have ever known. I swear she's seen every episode 50 times and could act each one out in a summarized play if her life depended on it. I was an occasional Friends-watcher throughout the years it was aired, but as of a couple years ago, Justin and I finally own all 10 seasons. The show is flippin' hilarious.

I didn't plan to write a post all about my passion for Friends, but an episode came to mind the other day when I was at work. Man, it is so interesting to bring food to work and share a refrigerator with possibly 50 other people - most of whom are practical strangers. How can you trust them not to steal your lunch? How can they trust that I'm not going to steal theirs? Yeah, we're all adults, but c'mon. It's pretty tempting to envy that glorious, ice cold diet coke with Janet's name on it, when I only brought a measley ol' bottle-o-water for myself. No, I didn't steal from the fridge, but I've had things of mine stolen before, and it stinks.

Anyway, the episode that came to mind was 'The One With Ross' Sandwich". Ross is my all-time favorite, so all the more this episode has me rolling on the floor every time.


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