Saturday, July 3, 2010

Phantom of the Opera & the Big Head

Yesterday.. my friend, Beth, called to see if I was interested in taking a spontaneous trip to Atlanta to see Phantom of the Opera. Uh, YEAH!

I had never been to a broadway show before, and I have always enjoyed plays and theater. Plus, I really enjoy all of the music from Phantom.. There's no way I could have said 'no'. The only catch: We had to leave for Anderson in 2.5 hours to pick up her Parents-in-law (who were also going). I rushed around to finish everything I needed to for the day and made it to her place just in time. Apparently the tickets for the show were for her mom-in-law's birthday, and Beth invited me to go along in place of her sister-in-law who was super sick, and couldn't go. We made good time, had dinner at Cracker Barrel (haven't been there since I was little!). We made pretty good time for the show, which was at the Fox Theater, in downtown Atlanta


Once we settled into our seats (which were really good!), I began to await the person who would be planted right in front of me. Oh my, who could it be? Why yes! 1991 Sandi Patty's hair twin (I totally had Sandi Patty & The Friendship Company on tape when I was little - It was my favorite!!). Apparently, Afro-Sandi was on a date, and felt the need to flip and fluff her afro as frequently as possible throughout the entire show. Her head literally looked 3 times the size of everyone elses heads. How could that be a goal for anyone?? She continued to friz it out as big as it would go and would turn her head left and right as sharp as she could, so she could feel the wispy tails of her curl-mullet as it whipped back and forth. It was quite a site to see, as the top of her 'fro was as solid as a helmet from her over-usage of hairspray. By the time I realized who her head reminded me of -- Sandi Patty, I whispered to Beth and we had a good time trying not to giggle and wheeze. Poor Beth had a guy's head in her way during most of the show too.

Thank goodness Afro-Sandi and her date decided to move a couple seats down to some empties, which cleared my view completely. Thanks 'fro, for the uncontrollably good laugh you provided!

The show was incredible. The set.. the costumes.. the singing.. It was pretty cool. On our way back to Greenville, Beth and I got the giggles, which made the 3-hour drive fly by! What a fun, spontaneous little trip, I'm so glad she asked me to go!

Listen to music from: Phantom of the Opera


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