Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Rooney and the Too-Friendly Hippie

When my friend, Jennie told me Rooney was coming to Greenville, seeing them was a MUST. I have loved Rooney since they first appeared/performed on The OC, back in 2004 (Season 1, episode "The Third Wheel"). How ironic, that I just wrote a post about how much I've been missing The OC - especially all of the good music that came with it.

So Monday night, Jennie and I went to the show together, and had a great time!! Opening for Rooney, was Black Gold and The Young Veins. If you know me at all, you might call me a show-junkie, in the fact that when I have general admission tickets to a show, I try to do anything I can to be front and center, even if it means waiting for the doors to open hours before showtime. Anyway, Jennie and I met there with good time, and even though we weren't first-in-line, we enjoyed the show leaning on the stage in prime spots at the front.

I had never heard of Black Gold before the show, and they were way more impressive than I thought it would be! The guys were super-entertaining and fun to watch.. They had great energy and they seemed super friendly and personal. I can easily say it was an awesome show. Apparently, the lead singer (Eric Ronick) used to be a part of Panic! at the Disco.

I especially loved the song "Shine".

The bassist (Kerry Wayne-James) was probably the most entertaining, fun guy I think I have ever seen perform during a show.. He had Jennie and I laughing from beginning to end with his dancing and funny facial expressions. I would definitely love to see them again!

After Black Gold performed, we (as usual) had to wait for the next band to set up. Jennie and I were just chatting and hanging out when I felt a hand touch me on the arm in an extra-friendly way.. I turned around and standing there was some tall, hippie-ish looking girl who was looking at me really close, asking if I remembered her. I tried to place it, but nothin'. I had never seen her in my life. I said, "Auhhmm, sorry! I don't think we've met!" And she continued to say that we had met, and that we had hung out at a Widespread Panic show (never heard of them until that moment). I just told her again that she might have me mixed up with someone else. Hippie-chick kinda lingered there for a minute, before Jennie tried to make her feel a little better by saying, "Hey, it never hurts to ask!" After the girl left, I asked Jennie what "Panic somethin-somethin" was, that Hippie-chick said she knew me from.. Jennie told me it was a band that often drew in hippie-ish kinda people and lots of pot-smoking. We had a laugh, after it made a little more sense.. Hippie-chick definitely looked the part, and was talking all chill and "heyyy maan" to me, so we just assumed she was 'high' and just confused me with someone else.

Soon after that, The Young Veins performed.. I had looked them up after I found they were touring with Rooney, and really loved their sound.

Their look and sound was really similar to a 60's band.. They honestly looked like they could've been best buddies with The Beatles. They were really talented, but definitely not very entertaining. They just kinda sang their songs, rarely smiled, and barely interacted with the crowd. I really did like the song "Cape Town" though! I guess the two lead singers (Ryan Ross & Jon Walker) were also ex-members of Panic! at the Disco. Hmm, inter-eshting!!

Finally Rooney came out and it was pretty great. They looked totally different than I expected (I kept picturing 2004 Rooney on The OC). They played alot of songs from their first and second albums, which made me super happy!

[Rooney's Setlist]

Some more fun facts: Lead singer, Robert Schwartzman, is a cousin to Nicholas Cage (actor, duh) and Sophia Coppola (who directed Marie Antoinette and The Virgin Suicides). Plus, his brother is Jason Schwartzman (former lead singer of one of my favorite bands, Phantom Planet).

Rooney's lead guitarist, Taylor Locke dated Mischa Barton (Marta and I call her, Mooshy-Meeshoo), and that's all I got.. HA!

[Rockin' to Rooney!]

["Not In My House"]

["Daisy Duke" - My FAVE!]

["I'm Shakin'"]

Anyway, Rooney was pretty rad. They were a little more entertaining than The Young Veins, and the guitarist (Locke) was incredible.

After the show, Jennie and I were debating whether or not to say 'hey' to some of the guys walking around signing autographs, when it happened. I felt someone walk behind me - a little too close for comfort - and all of a sudden.. Hand. On my rear. With a hefty squeeeeeze. Ooooohmigosh. Startled, I quickly turned to see who just violated me, and.. Sick rick McCreeper. It was hippie-chick. Augh! Did that just happen?! WHY!! Thank goodness Jennie and I walked out together and she drove me to my car to avoid any more run-ins with hippie-chick.

Needless to say, I won't forget that night.. Great music with a great friend and an uncomfortable feelski from a hippie.

Peace & Love, dudes.


Listen to Black Gold
Listen to The Young Veins
Listen to Rooney

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