Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Life's a Beach!

I would move to the beach tomorrow if I could. Every time we go, it never seems like we were able to stay long enough. It's funny, Justin and I realized that just about every time we've gone for an overnight trip, we are with other people. We have only had 2 overnight trips alone, and they don't really count:

1. The time we spontaneously drove to Folly in the middle of the night so we could catch the sunrise. Obviously, this doesn't count because we were exhausted once the next day began, and it was too uncomfortable to sleep in the car. Plus, Romeo was with us, and he was practically an infant.

2. The time we went for our anniversary, and Justin got food poisoning. I suppose we could count that, but he was pretty miserable the whole time.

Finally, our chance came. We found a last-minute sitter for Romeo, got the oil changed on my car (plus new tires!) and packed up. Early the next morning, we hit the road after getting our Liquid Highway coffee - our roadtrip tradition. We managed to hit some construction traffic, but it wasn't so bad. I remember telling Justin, "Ohh man, I wonder what's gonna happen on this trip! I have a feeling there will be a long list of shocking blog-worthy incidents.."

Beach, here we come!

We made it to Folly in pretty good time.. We were starving and totally craving one of our favorite Folly Beach places - The Drop In. I know I've blogged about this place before, and I'm pretty sure I raved about how the have the BEST loaded baked potato salad in the whole wide world - and I'm not even a huge potato-salad-eater.


After lunch, we headed down by the pier to find a nice spot to relax.. It was SO hot!! I rarely swim.. I really only choose to swim if it's ridiculously hot out - which it was - so we ran in and swam out to jump with the waves, laughing and being silly.

Nothing Like Folly.

After hours of beachtime, we headed to our hotel to get cleaned up for dinner. So far the day had been pretty amazing.. no ridiculous moments or "did that just happen" moments..

Headed Downtown

We headed to King Street to walk around and do a little shopping.. Of course, we spent most of our time in Urban Outfitters. Found some sweet stuff.. an incredible vase on clearance for $3, the cutest fedora and some other fun stuff. Justin found a Stylophone (he's wanted one forever!). We hiked through the heat before deciding to have dinner at good ol' T-Bonz on Market. Dinner was de-LISH.. Texas cheese fries, fried shrimp and plenty of Woodchucks. Talk about healthy.

I Want Everything!!!

After a comfortable hotel stay, I began wondering when in the world something was going to go wrong - as it usually does. Justin just kept saying, "don't jinx it!" Ha!

The next day, we headed back to the beach. We stopped to get a couple lawn chairs (can't believe we haven't owned any until now!).We had a little trouble finding a parking spot, so we decided to head past the Swell, to the beach area we were married at. It was perfect! Less people and sentimental too. We parked right next to the beach house (where we had our wedding) and saw that there was a wedding there the night before!! Ohh, it made me so happy! Some men were taking stuff down and cleaning up, and I was able to talk to them and tell them we had our wedding there too. It was pretty special.

Our Beach House!

We relaxed in our chairs, reading and rotting in the sun. Another beautiful day. And the weatherman even said it was supposed to rain all weekend! In your FACE, weatherman!

After packing up and already feeling the sunburn we inherited, we headed back down toward Center St. to have find some food before we headed home. We found a place we had been wanting to try, Loggerheads, and it was pretty good!

After Inhaling Crabcake And Shrimp Sandwiches

Finally, we headed back to Greenville.. and without one crazy story! I'm not complaining either! Although those ridiculous stories make for a great blog post, it was such a great, carefree weekend. So relaxing, great food and a wonderful time with my hubby!


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