Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Vampires and Werewolves and Twilight, Oh My!

Thanks to my friend, Ali, I had an opportunity to work with Belle Magazine again! I was asked to write an article about the Twilight Craze for July's issue.
If you can't tell, I'm pretty excited to have anything I've written actually published in a magazine (even if it is just a local one!), especially since I've never considered myself an actual "writer". Obviously I love blogging and rambling, but my "first article" just seems so official! Ali writes for Belle on a regular basis, so I felt pretty honored to be asked to share my thoughts.

If you wanted to check it out, but don't have access to the latest issue of Belle, you can read the article here:

Just wanted to share my excitement!

Listen to music featured on the soundtracks..


1 comment:

  1. Great job my friend on your article, your a great writer! Twilight is soooooooooo good! And thank you for putting together a great twilight music mix!


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