Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Colorful Easter Lunch Party

Since we've lived in SC, we have celebrated most holidays with Justin's brothers (and Caleb's gf, Melissa). This year, I really wanted to make Easter lunch fun and special, after finding inspiration from a post at Hostess with the Mostess. I wanted to try something new.. bright colors, mixed patters and as usual, I was a little ribbon-happy! I thought it turned out pretty cute. A bummer from the day: Justin was really not feeling well and couldn't even enjoy it with us. I originally planned to use 2 tables, thinking we would need the extra room with his bros, Melissa and possibly 2 more. There ended up only being 4 of us after Justin and 2 others couldn't join us, bringing it down to 4. With that said, the table looked kind of funny for just 4 people, but oh well. 

I found some adorable green damask fabric on clearance at Hobby Lobby and used it for a fabric-flag garland. I also used my 1.5" scalloped punch to make the little button garland for some more color. 


I fell in love with this white pom trim.. It totally reminded me of bunny tails!

I found an amazing set of amber goblets at a thrift store, which totally added to my pink/red/yellow/orange/aqua/green/gold decor (whew!). I incorporated the same moss balls (plus some loose moss) that my friend Jody and I made for our friend's Woodland Forest baby shower back in October.

Found these adorable little bumblebees at Hobby Lobby for 1$!

Believe it or not, but I've had this faux "grass planter" since college. It always kind of made me laugh when I looked at it (I think I found it at Target for $3.00?) but it looks pretty cute in our green/black guest room. I almost didn't use it, because the base of it is actually stainless steel. I had been covering all of my glass vases and candle holders with paper/fabric when CLICK - why not cover the base of it with paper too? I thought it totally added to the table!

{Buffet table before the food was set out!}

Mini chocolate cupcakes --

S'mores-on-a-Stick -- All I did was dip marshmallows in chocolate (almond bark) and rolled them in graham cracker crumbs.. Uhh.. YUMSKI!

Feeling extra inspired by Martha Stewart, I decided to make some full-size cupcakes with flowers and "dirt". I layered some corresponding paper (to match the table) and my used good ol' 1.5" punch for the "flowers". I used mini yellow flower brads to secure them and used hot glue to attach the lolli sticks. I freehanded some leaves out of green paper and covered the chocolate frosting in crushed Oreo cookies. Voila!



  1. The quality of the parties in Greenville will positively plummet when you leave. You parties are so fab!

  2. Awww, my dear friend.. Thank you for such a sweet message!

    :( Gonna be hard to leave.



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