Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Set That Crown On the Ground

Life has been moving so fast these days.. I haven't even had a chance to blog about our experience seeing Sleigh Bells in Asheville, NC at the beginning of May. Since Justin and I are HUGE fans of Sleigh Bells, I surprised him by buying the tickets months ago when they first went on sale. We were both pretty excited for the show to come, until Justin started feeling some discomfort and saw a doctor. We decided to keep it up in the air whether or not we'd go. The day of the show, we had talked about maybe selling the tickets, but Justin decided he was feeling really good, so we decided to go.

Opening for Sleigh Bells was Bosco Delrey and CSS. We had never heard of Bosco, but I had heard some of CSS's music, and thought it was OK. It was pretty cool that some of our friends - Gina and Curtis - also had tickets to the show, so we expected to run into them there. We waited forever for the show to start -- Bosco Delrey downright sucked. And I mean bad. His music made absolutely no sense and it was one of the most baffling performances I had ever seen. We actually couldn't tell if he was kidding or not.. because some of his beats were pretty decent, but then he started "sing-talking" and it was honestly a train-wreck. I wanted to feel bad for him, but I really just wanted him to get the flip off the stage.

Bosco DelSTINK!
Waiting for CSS to come out, we had pretty good spots. I was actually surprised how unpacked it was!

Gina and Curtis
Waiting for the show to start already!
Just like any show, people began to continuously cut us off or push their way through the crowd to get closer to the stage. CSS came out and the show finally started. The whole time, I really wasn't sure who CSS was, until I realized that I had heard some of their stuff a few years ago. From what I could tell, the lead singer - Luísa Matsushita aka "Lovefoxxx" - totally reminded me of the girl on the movie Orphan. Her face was painted and she definitely had a quirky style about her. The show was pretty decent.. I think Justin enjoyed the music a little better than I did. It was good though!

Maybe I might have enjoyed it a little more, if people weren't constantly pushing through and a guy with a HUGE head didn't stop and stand directly in front of me. I expected him to keep moving. Well, he didn't. He stopped right in front of me, with this rogue-haired-head and stood there in his awkwardness. Are you kidding me? Of course not. I had a beautiful view for Bosco Delrey's awful performance, but when it comes time for CSS to come out, Gigantor Head had to plant his humongous noggin right in front of my view. Typical. The real kicker was his janked-up collar was half tucked in and it took A LOT for me not to fix it for him. C'mon Head.. you're killin' me!

Dude, it's TIME for a haircut. (And fix your janky collar!)

It was difficult to even see the show, because I couldn't help but focus on Gigantor Head and his glorious awkwardness as he "jammed" with his crusty girlfriend. Why would he think having whiney-jam-session-looking face would be something anyone would want to look at?! Ever?! He rocked out during their entire performance, doing the shoulder-shrug and making a duck face. Dude. No. Never will that look be cool. Especially with a half-tucked-in collar. Sheesh. We all laughed pretty hard as we imitated his creative shoulder-dancing and groovy moves. I think I had reached my limit as I watched one of his dry, wirey, rogue hairs flying around in the air, attempting to land on me. Thank goodness I dodged that one.

Another 30-minute wait before Sleigh Bells came out, and the crowd went NUTS. It was pretty sweet.. they had dozens of speakers stacked with lights and smoke.. Pretty simple, but I suppose that's all they'd need anyway. I'm pretty sure they played every song off their album: Treats. The show was pretty sick. The biggest bummer was Sleigh Bells' performance seemed ridiculously short compared to what we had to endure with stupid Bosco Delray. Whhyy?? Maybe it was a long show, and it just felt short because I was dancing and rocking out the entire time?

The sound on this video is not the best. Whatevs, though. Sleigh Bells + sick bass = totally worth it.

Sleigh Bells - "Tell 'Em" {Asheville, NC}

[Lyrics: Sleigh Bells]


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