Friday, May 27, 2011

Featured Story: Macaroni Noodle and a Death Grip

One of my good friends (and my first roomie when I moved to Greenville) has quite a few hysterical stories that she's shared on her own blog - That's Life. Ahhh! Her wedding-planning experience alone was full of hilarious stories and shocking experiences she went through.. Now, she's a new mommy and the crazy stories just keep coming. I had to post this one!

The following is Tiffany's experience, in her own words..
Victim: Tiffany, old roommate/friend
Location: Home

So I must preface this story by saying that having a child is the most rewarding and most exhausting experience of my life. 

Since the birth of my child on April 10th, I have averaged 4 hrs. of sleep a night. Add the many hours of crying I listen to on top of the exhaustion and you have one frazzled woman on your hands (from what I've heard this is "normal"). Anyway, it was a Friday night, about 4 weeks into my child's life and his second growth spurt (which just means he cries all the time and wants to eat non-stop). I was beyond exhausted. I had spent my entire day feeding the baby, trying to rock him to sleep while he screamed at the top of his lungs, changing his diaper, and then starting the process over again. All I wanted to do was get in the shower and wash the grime off my body. I asked my mom to come watch the baby for just a few minutes so I could take a shower. 

An hour and a half later she still hadn't made it to the house and it was time to feed the baby again, so I went upstairs to my bedroom to feed him. When my mom arrived, she came upstairs and the dog followed her - barking in sheer excitement and jumped on the bed. After a few moments, I started noticing blood on my brand new comforter. I shouted at the dog to get off the bed - as she did, she proceeded to run around the room distributing blood all over the carpet. I yelled out, "Mom! Do something!!" and in the chaos she was saying, "What can I do??" I quickly grabbed for the dog and dragged her into the bathroom. With my mom's help we discovered that her back toenail had broken completely out of her paw. Whaat?! I applied pressure and finally the bleeding stopped. All of this madness happened while the baby was nursing and through it all, he never stopped nursing or lost his grip! Later we found the toenail, macaroni noodle-shaped on the bedroom floor. Sick! All I can say is... That's life!


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