Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Adventures With Marta & Alanna: Round 3 and Beachy Birthdays

I just about died when Marta told me she was coming back to visit again this March. I feel totally spoiled having so many visits from her.. she's been here 5 times in the 4 years I have lived here. Other than family, she has visited me here in SC more than anyone else I know.

I have a hard time even keeping up with my blog this month because March has literally been the craziest month of my life. In the span of 30 days, I have helped with 1 party and thrown 3 of my own, kept up with my job, a weekend trip to West Palm Beach, FL and celebrated Justin's and my birthdays. Obviously I'll get to those events later.. For now, I want to share Marta's exciting visit!

She flew in on Thursday, just in time for Justin's beach-inspired birthday party on Friday. I had been cleaning like a madwoman, preparing for her arrival and the huge party I had been planning for over a month. She called me that afternoon with crummy news, she missed her flight. NOO!!! Total bummer. Instead of arriving around 5-ish, she didn't make it into Greenville until around 10:30pm. Wah. Oh well. More time for me to perfect the party decor and finalize all the details. After she finally landed, we dropped off her luggage and then did some late-night grocery shopping for the party and her time here. Shopping at midnight with my best friend is always a good laugh!

The next morning, we did our usual morning-routine when she visits: tanning and starbs, and ran a few last-minute errands before starting to make all the party food.

The day flew so fast, it was crazy up until the final seconds as people were arriving for the party. Like most parties I throw, I couldn't do it on my own. Marta helped me a ton, as well as Jody and some other friends who help with decor and food. The party was a total blast!

We spent the next day sleeping in and relaxing a little, before hitting the road for an overnight-trip to Charleston & Folly Beach.

After we arrived in Charleston, we checked into our hotel and headed downtown for dinner and shopping on King Street. We parked and as we were walking out of the lot, Marta was nearly chopped by the parking gate-arm-thingy.. We laughed so hard! We found some sweet deals at the new Forever 21 (one of the biggest Forever's I have ever seen!) and dinner at TBonez on Market. Yum yum!

The next day, we enjoyed a windy, but relaxing day at Folly Beach. We decided to avoid all the people that would be laying near the pier, so we headed past the swell, to the beach house Justin and I were married at. Much quieter and oh-so relaxing! The three of us spent the day laughing and goofing off.. So many new inside jokes and hysterical laughing.. Definitely one of the most memorable parts of the trip!

The next day, Marta and I hung out just like old times.. Lunch at McAlister's and a lazy afternoon running errands at the post office and Target.. It was funny to walk into Targ with her, since the last time we did, it was Black Friday at 4am! The lines were definitely different, hah! We spent the afternoon watching one of our faves, Bride Wars, and cleaned up the apartment before dinner at Copper River - to celebrate my birthday. I couldn't believe how sweet she was to give me a bottle of my favorite perfume PLUS a nice little gift card to Hobby Lobby.. I feel so ridiculously spoiled!

More crazy mems and laughs all. night. long. People probably think we're crazy, but somehow we understand each other! As our waitress brought us our check, she came to tell Marta that she "had an admirer" Haha! Apparently the restaurant manager had his eye on her and had our waitress ask her if it would be OK if he came to say 'hello'. We had a pretty good laugh and let the guy come over and take his best shot. Definitely awkward, but of course, flattering! The guy asked us how dinner was, and obviously could care less about me or my satisfaction, yet I proceeded to ramble on - like I do in potentially awkward situations - and he just looked at me and then continued to talk just to Marta.. Ugh! I'm such a dweeb. Even though Marta told they guy she lived out of town, he was still pretty persistent. Go Marta! What an eventful and silly evening we had, including Marta nearly losing her cellphone and a run-in with a faux Joaquin Phoenix!

Our last full day together, we spent watching movies. All day long. I can't even remember the last time I did that! I hadn't seen any of them before.. Life as We Know It, The Switch and Morning Glory.

It always stinks to say 'bye', but we both had to pack - she was flying out early the next morning and Justin and I were leaving for Florida. Just another good trip together, and I know there's millions more in the future. You heard me. Millions. Muuahh ha ha haa! Hehe!


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