Monday, March 7, 2011

Party Like a Rock Star! A Party Inspired by Rock Glam

I had the honor to help my good friend, Jody, plan a Rock Star Birthday Party for her husband (Paul) and sister (Jenn)! As always, Jody and I had a total blast coming up with new ideas and original decor. She had a vision for lots of lights and tulle and we took those ideas to a whole new level! Invitations told guests to dress as a famous or generic rock star, and entertainment for the night was rocking/dancing/singing to Rock Band. Everyone really got into dressing up, and the night was totally awesome!

We really pumped up the colors with lots of black, silver, aqua, red and purple. Since I've made so many paper garlands (flags, circles, etc.), I wanted to try doing a "beaded garland". I mentioned it to Jody, and I don't think we realized exactly how cool it was gonna turn out until we finished a few strands. It totally added to the glam-feel we were going for, plus it pulled in all of the colors really well!

Aside from the garland, we made these fantastic strands among all of the Cupcake Liner Pomanders we did. I was totally inspired when I came across a DIY Tutorial for the poms on Kara's Party Ideas blog. She used regular cupcake liners, but I thought it would be super-rockstar to do them with the foil liners instead. I loved the idea of the frilly-looking poms, but with hard-looking materials. I think we did about 10-12 of them (different sizes) and they took forever! Check out my own DIY, during our process of making them!

We rearranged Jody's mantel decor by replacing it with empty black frames and lots of candles and candlesticks (this photo was taken near the end of the evening!). At the last minute, I made a fun little birthday paper banner for Paul & Jen.

Jody and I wanted to get really creative with the candle vases (already had these, from Dollar Tree).. We used a bunch of tulle, chain and silver and black string.

For one of the food table centerpieces, we used a black vase I already had and dressed it up with tons of chain. I think the feathers really pumped the color and added some softer textures in with all of the other elements.

I made these fun little toppers from free rock-related images (credited below). They were perfect for the mini cheesecakes that our friend Bethany brought!

Black lights + tulle + string lights + beads.. oh man. It was pretty elaborate, but so worth it!

Jody dressed as Slash
Josh & Justin
Bethany as Björk & Erin as Avril Lavigne
Gerald & Marco
Josh & Theresa bringin' on the rough-house!
I went as Joan Jett

Gerald & Erin

Jody's I-love-you-version of ROCK ON
Joan Jett & Slash would be friends in real life, right?

Jody, Beth, Ryan & Paul (as John Rich)

Marco & Michelle as The Ting Tings

Jody & Paul
Jenn as Madonna, Theresa & Michelle

Justin & Jenn were voted "Best Dressed"

I love Rock n' Roll!!!!!!


Inspiration for Cupcake Liner Poms - Kara's Party Ideas
Cupcake Topper images - and

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  1. Alanna, I couldn't have come even near as awesome of a party without you! YOU ROCK! We had SO much fun shopping for and preparing the decor. Making our own poms, garland and coming up with how to set it all up was a blast! It was definitely the best party I've ever hosted - just a bunch of crazy fun!


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